All the information you need to get here and around


How to get in and out of Alvito

Find out which arrival airport to chose; how much time you will need on the train or bus; the costs related and much more…

What to do once here

Don’t know where to do your groceries? Where to eat out? Where to have a great café?
Discover a map of all shops, restaurants, bars, drugstores, … in Alvito

Where to rent a car in Alvito

You managed to get to Alvito by public transportation but you still want to rent a car at a reasonable price?
Romanelli is the place to be


Hiking from Alvito

A Google My Maps with all hiking paths starting from Alvito.
Hikes range from 10 to 26km with various difficulty levels.


Download the app and follow paths we have already taken. An interactive map for various sports

Various sports activities in Valle di Comino

A Google Earth with different locations for various activities such as hiking, mountain-biking, skiing, paragliding, …


Land <- NIDO -> City

Understand our organisation and the 2 main components of the project: City – Land.

How do they complement each other and what is the bigger picture?

Holistic Management

Understand our statement of purpose and the  higher objective behind it. Discover how this tool can be applied in your professional life but also private.