Chinese Medecine – Zhong Fu Method

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a 5000 year old discipline. The practice is based on prevention rather than cure. That is, regular visits to a practitioner seek to maintain the natural state of health: your inner balance. It is famous in China to say that you stop paying your Chinese Medicine practitioner once you get sick as it means he/she didn’t do their job right. The approach is thus holistic, understanding the body altogether. 


The Principles

The body’s natural state is to be healthy. Sometimes, external (virus, bacteria, climate, disease,…)  or internal (stress, aging, mind, …) factors take the body away from that balance. Through Chinese Medicine principles and practices, balance is restored. That is: the right balance between Yin and Yang, strength and softness, feminine and masculine, rest and activity, calm and excitement. 

In addition to focusing on the Yin and Yang principle, Chinese Medicine principles resonate with the 5 elements theory. That is, all organs have a specific function and in addition, the  relationships between each organ plays a major role in treatment. Restoring balance means restoring the functioning of each organ singularly and symbiotically. For example, A psychological factor may affect the energy of your spleen, which is coupled to your stomach. Treatment will thus target Stomach and spleen and indirect consequences to your liver. 


The Zhong Fu method compiles several approaches to offer optimal results: acupressure, homeopathy, gemmotherapy, isotherapy and advice in nutrition. By combining those methods, maintaining a strong health becomes accessible to all. 


Who is it for? 

Anyone. From you and me, with our sleep issues, headaches, period pain, psychological distress, stress, digestion problems, allergies, weaker immunity,… to people suffering from chronic diseases.



A typical Zhong Fu session includes an initial overview of your general health (anamnesis). Diagnosis is then made thanks to taking your pulse.  Madeleine will then find the targeted acupressure points. You will leave the session with final advice on homeopathy and gemmotherapy to accompany your treatment. 


This holistic medicine approaches the body as a whole, taking it altogether. The cause of your imbalance may be psychological, energetical or physiological: tackling the problem at its root makes the results powerful. 


Practical Info

Discovery session: 20 euros

5 sessions: 185 euros