Regenerative agriculture

The ultimate goal of regenerative agriculture is soil regeneration, by mimicking nature in order to capture CO2.

Currently we have acquired a plot of 36,500m2 (3.65 ha), which is in full preparation for the 2022 season.

  • 2ha – Agroforestry – Pastured broilers – Pastured layers
  • 1.65 ha – Market garden – Water systems

In Market Gardening, each area has 10 beds each measuring 10m x 0.75cm.
Why 75cm? Because it is a comfortable size to work with legs apart, above the crop.

The passage areas are 30cm strips of wood chips, also covering the surface for 15-20cm

All the tools allowing a quick and precise seeding as well as maintenance. They also have standard sizes: 37.5cm or 75cm.

Ex: Broadfork, Bed Roller, Six-row seeder, …