Vacant position

Please read and consider all the information below very thoroughly. To be eligible for consideration you must be in agreement to all conditions fully, and complete the application form present on this page. We encourage you to make a short video of yourself to ‘meet’ and get a sense of you.

What to expect

  • Besides your fixed animal duties, you will also be involved in many other aspects of the farms development and maintenance: from water systems to waste, carpentry using hand tools to using machinery. You will need to be able to think on your feet, use your initiative and make effective decisions on the fly.  Our positions suit someone totally dedicated to farming as a full time livelihood.
  • Managers and Apprentices will be fully responsible for daily morning moves/feeding and monitoring/record keeping/working within our Holistic Planned Grazing schedule.
  • These are all very physical roles which involve anything from managing the chicks in the brooder, hauling broiler field pens, feeding animals, moving electric fences, collecting and sorting eggs, slaughtering poultry and any other duties connected with the animals and general farm maintenance.
  • We expect Farm managers to master the tasks as we demonstrate them. We generally aren’t interested in wonderfully creative alternative ways of doing things that we have already dialed in! We have probably thought about things a whole bunch more already. Try to use this experience as an opportunity to master all aspects of farm life.
  • Everyone will be involved with one REKO delivery per week.
  • You will need to be strong, fit and able to lift up heavy items multiple times a day.
  • You must be happy working outside in all weather, and come suitably prepared.
  • You need to be very communicative, observant, able to follow Kuba and Madeleine’s instructions meticulously and be organised in your record keeping.
  • PLEASE NOTE: all managers will be required to participate in multiple poultry slaughter sessions during the season. If this is something you are not comfortable with then please do not apply for a position.
  • Farming doesn’t fit the normal working week that some may be used to. Whilst we wish to sensibly limit our working hours, farming often requires responding whenever cows break out, when seedlings need watering, etc. We have decided to take on one apprentice support role for each manager, so there should be time for everyone to take rest and develop their own plans, etc. We work very hard and consistently through the short season, and the people who have got most from their experience with us are those who have thrown themselves in wholeheartedly.
  • Everyone will be sharing preparing breakfast for the team daily, and meals at the weekend on rotation, as well as support the chef to take time off after trainings.
  • Everyone shares daily chores on rotation that keep the farm running smoothly.
  • You will have a simple private room on the land (or at the city). We fire the sauna daily.

Important information for all roles - Daily schedules

We expect everyone to be focused and diligent all season long; we work very hard throughout the short production season.

Morning chores begin at 6:30 for the farm and garden teams and we end the day at 18:00 for dinner. Breakfast is 8:00-8:45 with morning meeting 8:45-9:00 for everyone with Kuba. Lunch break is 12:00-14:00. Dinner is 18:00.

Expect to work to benchmarks; we want to support people to push themselves to really know what they can achieve and become increasingly efficient at task management. Farming has always been hard work and we see that working efficiently and diligently is key for those going on to start their own successful enterprises.

Farm Managers and Apprentices can self-manage the rotation of basic chores at the weekend so everyone has sufficient down-time, but this will only be organised once everyone is at the farm. Plants need watering, animals still need feeding and moving and eggs collecting and packing every day. Basic daily chores of keeping things clean, preparing breakfast, etc, are 7 day-a-week expectations.

Meal policy

We eat a balanced diet of meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables and whole foods. We supply farm raised and grown produce and 100% organic whole foods that we buy in. Our courses are fully catered, and the Farm Chef creates lunch and dinner on workdays, except when taking rest after trainings. The team take it in turns to prepare breakfast, weekend meals and all meals when the chef is taking a break after intensive trainings. Bear in mind we are a meat producing farm that also slaughters animals here on the farm. ​We regularly use stock, dairy, eggs and meat in meals as well as eating sourdough breads we bake and other ingredients mainly gluten-free.  Unfortunately we cannot cater for alternative diets. If you are not comfortable eating the rounded diet described it is probably not wise to apply.

Receiving visitors during your stay

  • Visitors are welcome during the weekend, and can only arrive Friday after 12:00 and leave before Monday 9:00, and cannot be at the farm during trainings.
  • All visitors are required to contribute 15 € per day to cover their basic costs.
  • You can use the collective farm car to pick up/drop off/ visit places (2 €/km)
  • Visitors will either live in your room or bring all they need for camping.
  • All visiting times need to be agreed with the team at least 2 weeks in advance, please do not plan any arrangements before arriving at the farm.
  • ​You are responsible for all visitor fees and ensuring your guests abide by the basic ground rules


  • There is a farm vehicle available for private use, everyone is responsible for maintaining the logbook and covering their costs (2 €/km).​
  • If you can bring you own car then other members may appreciate it also!

Contextual points you need to understand and fully agree to

  • It is vital to us that expectations are clear and realistic; it is important to understand you will be very much leading self-managed roles. Kuba and Madeleine are very busy with their commitments and responsibilities. Kuba will introduce everyone to their roles and the standards expected in the first weeks, and will meet daily with the team after breakfast to orientate the day. He will give ongoing feedback and advice throughout the season as appropriate. Madeleine coordinates sales and deliveries with the team as and when appropriate. Kuba will be monitoring the operations and maintenance procedures and managing timely activities throughout the season as well as offering guidance and feedback to all managers and apprentices. His time will largely be engaged with other sub-enterprises and work around the farm, so he will not be with you most of the day. We feel it is important to make this very clear, as people often have unrealistic expectations, which is not helpful for anyone.
  • We work hard in our short growing season. We expect a full working week every week, and it’s physical work. You need to be fit and physically able, as well as very organised and proactive.  Weekends are relative down time although there will always be animal duties, watering and basic chores over the weekend.
  • You need to be fully functional in a team environment. We work on the basis that everything and everyone is fine unless they say otherwise; you need to be pro-active about communication.
  • We are a professional learning site and working farm. You are expected to present yourself in a tidy and professional manner consistently for the benefit of all. We are looking to support people who want to go into farming and designing for themselves and will make the most of learning by doing.
  • People that get the most from their time with us tend to have the “get it done” attitude, are self-starting, communicative, teachable, positive solutions focused, dependable and take-responsibility for what they are managing. We are looking for very pragmatic folks that are good with their hands and tools, who are situationally aware and ready to get their hands dirty wherever needed on the farm. This is not a place for sitting around discussing ideas and concepts.
  • You will get out of it what you put into the time and work here.  We have high expectations, and in return we are offering a hands on immersion experience that you can’t find many places on our little planet.  All roles require continual effort and sweat. We live in close quarters with each other, you need to able to get along with others.
  • You will be sore at times and get tired. Long light hours in the summer mean we sometimes work late. Farm work is hard graft. But we love it. You’ll eat the best quality food, meet some incredibly awesome folk and learn how to go off and start for yourself, hopefully saving you years and a lot of money.

Application form

If you have fully read, understand and agree to all the above information, and see it could benefit you to join us for the season, then we welcome your application. All applications are collected and some time is needed to consider what is right for us and the team as a whole. We will not be in contact with anyone until mid mid-December, and will not be answering any emails or questions about the process before then. Please note we will not consider any applications received after 30th Nov 2021

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