Yoga – Nidra

10 days to learn meditation

All you need to know

What participants say about it

“ Thank you for your good advice, your short reminders during practice and your amazing speech. I am convinced of the energy and the wellbeing this challenge creates inside me.”

“It’s the first time I wake up without being tired”

“After one week of yoga nidra: what a pure bliss. Those few minutes of “me-time” every day give me the greatest good and an incredible energy.”

“Deep wellbeing.”

Some context

Yoga Nidra is a meditation technique based on relaxation and visualisation in order to calm down mental activity and create space for visualisation. Translated from Sanskrit to “Yoga of sleep”, yoga nidra is a means to train your body to be physiologically asleep (brain and muscles in sleeping mode) whilst keeping the mind aware and present.

This technique is thus excellent for

⁃ stress management

⁃ sleep quality

⁃ optimal concentration

⁃ setting goals

⁃ mind clarity

Practically speaking

⁃ Language: French

⁃ 10 days to learn meditation

⁃ 20 min sessions recorded in « studio quality »

⁃ Price: 50 €

⁃ Once payment is received, you’ll receive a google drive link with all recordings and written instructions with a lifetime access

What do I need ?

  • A confortable spot to practice
  • No extra material required