Reward Crowdfunding & Shareholding

You can either:
pre-buy your stay at our premises; or
become a shareholder of the company and get some free perks.

All details below. See you soon!

“Those who think it is impossible are kindly requested not to disturb those who are trying”

F. Busnel & E. Fottorino


Don’t have the time to read everything? In a 2 minutes and 30 seconds video, you should get most of it!
Available also in French and Italian.

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Investors brochure

A single file which summarises the project and the investing possibilities.

Chose between

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4 options – 2 categories – 1 vision

Chose between simple perks or becoming a shareholder of the company.



  • Welcome pack
  • 6 nights *





* usable over 3 years

740 € value

Sympathizer packs sold 20%


1.000 €

  • Welcome pack
  • 14 nights *
  • Name (small) in content videos




* usable over 3 years

1.490 € value

Dreamer packs sold 20%


2.500 €

  • Welcome pack
  • 20 nights **
  • -10% on 1 retreat
  • Name (med.) in content videos
  • Name/logo in footer of website
  • 1,25 % shareholder capital

** non-nominative & usable over 3 years

2.105 € value & up to 5% dividends

Investor packs sold 35%


5.000 € and +

  • Welcome pack
  • 30 nights **
  • -10% on 2 retreats
  • Name (large) in content videos
  • Name/logo in footer of website
  • 2,5 % shareholder capital (or +)

** non-nominative & usable over 3 years

3.080 € value & up to 5% dividends

Partner packs sold 60%





The various steps

Legal creation of Nido Immo

House acquisition

Nido Immo capital increase

Performance of paperwork & works

Set up of amenities

Operational start by Il Nido Q3 2022

Nido Immo the owner & Il Nido the manager

Objectives for Nido Immo (Co. Ltd estate capital fund)

Balanced between finances and values

We offer a right balance between a correct ROI for investors and the possibility to reinvest locally for the benefit of all. We see this as a nowadays much needed sustainable strategy.

Reinvest in long term sustainable assets

We plan to reinvest into the initial housing in order to be as resilient as possible (water, electricity & heating). This will have long-term financial benefits as it pulls down operating costs.

Expand further the portfolio

As there are still many interesting investment possibilities, we do not want to stop at the acquisition of a single property but to acquire several of them in the city center and expand even further the project.

Attract foreign investors

Our housing will serve as a comfortable landing point for foreign investors for them to start their own diverse projects. This will indirectly benefit all as it creates a momentum and stimulates the local real estate market

What to expect at our premises?

Depending on the time of the year, different options will be offered.


Yoga classes, one on one Chinese medicine consultations

Smart Working

Continue working at our premises with fiber internet

Common meals

Expect to eat common dinners with local products

Outdoor activities

Hiking, sightseeing, biking, … and much much more


The first ones to produce our own electricity in the historical city centre of Alvito


Workshops, conferences, projections, concerts, expositions.

Alvito overview

With it’s 2.500 inhabitants, we are far from the 1€ Italian villages advertised on various articles on the internet.


AlvitoLab & Alvito Bello. Volunteer Association of 60 young people from Alvito. All with the same will: organise cultural and social events, as well as preserving and enhancing the city’s treasures.


Increasing interest for houses in Alvito. English, German, Belgian and Roman people recently invested in 4 houses and “palazzos” in the city center.
The real estate market is affordable and enables many development possibilities.


Various events in Alvito (Castellinaria & Festival delle Storie). Multiple events also take place in the Valle di Comino and the region.


In Alvito you will find: 2 pharmacies, 3 schools, 6 cafés, 3 bakeries, 5 restaurants, 3 small supermarkets, communal gym, 2 doctors, 2 physiotherapists, 3 hairdressers, 1 beauty saloon, jewellery store, flower shop, 1 school furniture shop, 3 clothes shop, Fiber internet (installed in 2020), an tourist info point, local associations and much more…. with the closest hospital 10 min away (Sora).

What do we intend to do?

Gather like-minded people under the same roof


People interested in building a resilient community.


Mental and physical health are essential to us.

Collaboration, open-mindness & creativity

Our place is intended to foster these and become a local think tank.

Open & transparent

We share our experience to serve as a model for other projects.

Not a 5 star hotel

We have neither the intention nor the pretension to become a luxurious place. Our place is comfortable, pleasant, homely and offers a life experience.

An evolving place

Our place will constantly be evolving in order to reach full independence (energy, water and heating)
(+food via our production).

The plans

Floor +0,5

– Mezzanine of one accommodation

Floor 0

– Four accommodations
– General entry from main street

Floor -1

– Two accommodations

Floor -2

– Co-working
– Common dinner space
– Professional kitchen
– Technical room
– Access to garden
– Outside WC

Floor -3

– Workshop
– Multipurpose area
– Access to garden
– Secondary entrance from other street

Inspiration images of our vision for the housing

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use the free nights?
  • Sympathizers and Dreamers
    The person who purchased the perk can use it personally.
  • Investors and Partners
    Freebies can be used by relatives or friends of the people who bought the action.
Until when can we have to use the pre-bought nights?

These are available for usage until 07/2025 included,except for the months of 08/2023 & 08/2024.

How long prior do we have to book the stay?

Please book at least 1 month prior.

Can I come with someone for the stay?

Yes you can.

What is the wall of fame?

In our entry hall, a portrait of all the contributors to the project

What is the reduction on retreats?

We plan to organise quarterly yoga retreats on which you get a 10% discount on the total price.

What is exactly the perk “name in content creation?”

Your name will appear at the end of all our promotional & educational videos; in the size described in the offer.

What is exactly the perk “name/logo in footer of website?”

Your name and/or logo will be placed on this website for an increased visibility

What does it mean that I have a % of the shareholder capital?

Depending on the invested amount, you get an equivalent % of 1) voting rights 2) annual dividends if voted so

If I have extra questions, who can I ask?

And we will be glad to answer your questions

Can I fix a call with you?

Yes sure, see you on Zoom.