Collective housing – Nido Immo


The city of Alvito has seen lately an increase in interest with Covid and during the 4th quarter of 2021, 4 palaces have been sold to foreigners.
It is nothing near a ghost-town.


Typical Italian town of 2.500 inhabitants with 3 schools, located at the doorstep of the Abruzzo mountains.

It is still well active, with local events, shops, pharmacies, hairdressers, B&B’s, restaurants and bars.

The house

A 200 years-old house located in the historical city-centre of the town.

It is spread on 4 floors and exposed to the south. Two separate entrances enable various usage possibilities.

The interior

The interior is composed of six independent accommodations, five caves and a garden.

None of the works performed will touch to the structure nor the disposition of the interior of the building.

Objectives for Nido Immo (Real Estate Capital Fund Co. Ltd)

Balance between finances and values

We offer the right balance between a fair ROI for investors and the ability to reinvest locally for the benefit of all. We see it as a sustainable strategy that we desperately need today.

Reinvest in long-term sustainable assets

We plan to reinvest in the initial housing to be as resilient as possible (water, electricity and heating). This will have long term financial benefits as it lowers operating costs.

Expand the portfolio further

As there are still many interesting investment possibilities, we do not want to stop at the acquisition of a single property but to acquire several in the city center and further expand the project.

Attract foreign investors

Our homes will serve as a convenient landing point for foreign investors to start their own diversified projects. This will indirectly benefit everyone as it creates momentum and stimulates the local real estate market

Inspiration images of our vision for the housing

The plans

Floor +0,5
  • Mezzanine of an apartment
Floor 0
  • Four accommodations
  • General entrance from the main street
Floor -1
  • Two accommodations
Floor -2
  • Coworking space
  • Common dining area
  • Professional kitchen
  • Technical room
  • Access to the garden
  • Outside WC
Floor -3
  • Workshop
  • Multipurpose space
  • Access to the garden
  • Secondary entrance from the other street

The map