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The yogic approach to good resolutions

The power of intention

With the new year comes a new energy, new projects and the famous good resolutions.

Problem is with good resolutions is that they’re forgotten as soon as February starts. With this workshop, I am offering the philosophical yogic approach to good resolutions. We’ll explore in depth the concept of “sankalpa” amongst other important ones.

You’ll leave this workshop oh so ready to start your new year and confident to keep your resolutions on track until December 2022…

Nidra Challenge

Yoga of sleep

10 days to learn meditation thanks to relaxation.

Yoga Nidra is a meditation technique based on relaxation. Translated from sanskrit as the yoga of sleep, it aims to train the body to be physiologically asleep whilst maintaining the mind aware.

Through these 10 days, you’ll progressively learn this very powerful technique and will be able to install a sold meditation routine into your everyday life.

The power of intention

Yoga of sleep

60 minutes

10 €

10 x 20 minutes

50 €

Feedback from participants

Charlotte E. (Belgium)

I switched from a heavily beating heart, impossible to clear my mind to a feeling of inner peace and calm in a matter of minutes.

Sophie S.

Those yoga nidra days are pure happiness. Thank you for your good advice, your reminders along the practice and your excellent elocution. I am convinced by the good energy and wellbeing yoga nidra brings.

Juliette V. (Belgium)

I didn’t realize it would do me such deep wellbeing. Really, incredible to see that such an easy practice can have such a positive impact. Since I formulated my sankalpa, everything falls into place, it’s crazy. Really what I needed in this turning point of my life.

Joséphine B. (Belgium)

Really cool sessions, the format was great and all very well explained! It was an amazing first meditation experience. It taught me a lot and completely convinced me.

Séverine R. (Belgium)

I am really happy to have tried yoga nidra this way. Thank you for this beautiful experience. I found it very professional and human even though it was online.

Olivier L.

A comfortable “me-time” moment, great relaxation of the body and mind. Above all, the realization that it is oh so necessary to press the “stop” bouton every now and then.

FR & EN & IT – Online classes

Weekly Live Classes on Zoom


Traditional practice of yoga postures.

– mini meditation
– warm up
– sun salutations
– exploration of (static) postures
– stretching & final relaxation.


More informative class aimed at:
– understanding,
– perfecting
– integrating each posture.

A way of dissecting the basic postures in order to achieve them without hurting yourself & in the fairest possible way.


The pace of this class is very slow.

The postures are practiced passively (with the help of bolsters & blocks).

This allows to:
– have a “cold” approach
– aim for the elasticity of our fascias (connective tissues)
– sharpen our meditation skills.


Meditation technique based on relaxation to release mental traffic.

Translated as “Yoga of Sleep”, yoga nidra trains you to put the body (brain & all the rest of the body) physiologically asleep but to keep your mind alert and present.


« I’m stiff as a stake yoga is not for me »

And yes, yoga is often reduced to its physical practice and its perfect postures that flood Instagram & wellness ads.

Yet yoga is an ancestral discipline of more than 5000 years (yes yes Instagram did not exist at that time, no need to attract attention to increase your likes). At that time there was only the cross-legged sitting posture.

Bringing together the oldest Vedic traditions, Patanjali (400 BC) established the framework of the philosophy of yoga according to 8 characteristics: the moral code (relational attitudes), individual behaviors to be cultivated, postures (physical), breathing ( energy management), internalization, observation, concentration and meditation (liberation).

« The postures are therefore only one-eighth of the world of yoga! »

These 8 characteristics are each of the tools to arrive at the state of « yoga », that is to say the union of the body & the spirit. The union of our soul with the expanse of the universe. This feeling of becoming one with everything.

IT & EN – On site classes

Via Conca, 03041 Alvito (FR)

About the classes

A typical hatha yoga class includes an initial meditation and pranayama (breath) exercise, warm up, sun salutations, exploration of postures, deep stretching and final relaxation. Expect to leave class with a blissful feeling, experiencing more space and strength inside your body.

About the classes

The Shala is situated 2km away from Alvito’s city centre. It is set in a stunning nature spot, with a view on Alvito on one side and the rest of the Valley on the other side. Olive and palm trees are surrounding the shala, giving a peaceful view during the practice. All material is provided (mats and props).

The classes

Teaching Language



Mondays 19.30 – 20.30

Wednesdays 12.30 – 13.30

Thursdays 19.30 – 20.30

Type of class


Practical info


Via Conca,
03041 Alvito (FR)


  • Trial Class: Free
  • Drop-in: 10 €
  • 10 Class pass: 75 €

Chinese Medecine

Zhong Fu Method

The principles

The body’s natural state is to be healthy. Sometimes, external (virus, bacteria, climate, disease,…)  or internal (stress, aging, mind, …) factors take the body away from that balance. Through Chinese Medicine principles and practices, balance is restored. That is: the right balance between Yin and Yang, strength and softness, feminine and masculine, rest and activity, calm and excitement. 

In addition to focusing on the Yin and Yang principle, Chinese Medicine principles resonate with the 5 elements theory. That is, all organs have a specific function and in addition, the  relationships between each organ plays a major role in treatment. Restoring balance means restoring the functioning of each organ singularly and symbiotically. For example, A psychological factor may affect the energy of your spleen, which is coupled to your stomach. Treatment will thus target Stomach and spleen and indirect consequences to your liver. 

The Zhong Fu method compiles several approaches to offer optimal results: acupressure, homeopathy, gemmotherapy, isotherapy and advice in nutrition. By combining those methods, maintaining a strong health becomes accessible to all.

Who is it for?


From you and me, with our sleep issues, headaches, period pain, psychological distress, stress, digestion problems, allergies, weaker immunity,… to people suffering from chronic diseases.


A typical Zhong Fu session includes an initial overview of your general health (anamnesis). Diagnosis is then made thanks to taking your pulse.  Madeleine will then find the targeted acupressure points. You will leave the session with final advice on homeopathy and gemmotherapy to accompany your treatment. 

This holistic medicine approaches the body as a whole, taking it altogether. The cause of your imbalance may be psychological, energetical or physiological: tackling the problem at its root makes the results powerful. 

Practical info

  • Alvito & around
  • Brussels few days per month according to calendar